Monday, April 28, 2014

Better Late Than Never- The Opportunities We Almost Miss

This past Monday we dyed eggs. My mom, my dad, and I sat in the kitchen and drew faces onto chilly eggs with Crayola crayons. We experimented with melted wax and with onion dye (it makes a parchment color that is rather pretty, however the eggs also end up smelling like... well onions), and we laughed at our egg-shaped portraits. Like children we played and laughed and explored the limitations of a simple egg-dying kit. When our kit proved faulty (we had three greens), we giggled and my mom pointed out that "at least they are a pretty green." 

Then, when all the eggs were gone, we drifted through the kitchen erasing the signs of our activity. One by one we bid each other adieu and headed for the comfort of our beds. I believe we each went our own ways filled with contentment that only such a spontaneous and happy gathering can bring. Oddly enough, it was this moment, done a day behind and rather unplanned, that has become my favorite mental snapshot of this Easter. 

Always leave yourself open to opportunities such as this one. This is a lesson that I often fail on, but one that I am constantly being reminded of. The moments are often small, but they have a great potential for shared joy. 

 Sincerely ,

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"I Want to See Mountains..."

Exciting news everyone!!!

I am going to Glacier National Park this summer, and I am so EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Bob and I have been talking about this trip since last summer, and now it is officially happening! I have made a tentative schedule for us already, and have reserved a campsite (though we hope to be able to switch to a quieter, tent only site after we arrive). Now, however, I have to think about the packing details, and to be honest I am overwhelmed. I haven't spent a week hiking and camping since I was a child, so this experience is going to involve a lot of research and (probably) quite a few mistakes. I am not planning on bringing my computer with me, but I will have at least Icarus and my Iphone for photos, which I will of course share upon my return. I will also be posting on my Instagram throughout the trip, so please feel free to follow me!

Of course, those details are me getting ahead of myself. What I am really trying to focus on now is what to buy. As I have mentioned, I haven't been hiking in forever, so I am sure I will be in need of purchasing some basics. Below is a list of things I know I will need, but I could really use your input, advice, and suggestions!!!

Four things I'm know (or at least I'm pretty sure) I will need: 
1) Hiking Boots- I want them to be comfortable, durable, light, and perfect for all types of weather. (Any suggestions? Does such a miracle boot exist?) 
2) Backpack- Durability is a must, but I also want it to be able to store a water bladder, food, and other necessities while protecting my cameras and NOT GETTING THEM WET!! Oh, I have been considering the ones that have the straw built in- anyone know if those are worth it? 3) Clothes- any fabrics I should avoid? I've heard that cotton is a big no no! We are going to be on all day hikes, so cooler mornings, than warmth, but then high altitude weather's volatility= not sure what to wear! I have found articles with suggestions for men's hiking clothes, but not so much for women's. 
 4) Water purifier/filter- We are planning on carrying water with us, but I am planning on having one of these for a back up, just in case we don't bring enough water, but there are so many different types of filters/purifiers- thoughts? 

Sneak Peek at the lovely personal book I made via Artifact Uprising :)

Any other suggestions? I am sure I will have other pieces of gear that I will be asking all sorts of quetsions about, but these were four items that I KNOW I will need and I'm just... well I'm an almost newbie. I love hiking, but this will be first trip I will be planning as an adult!

Thank you in advance for all of your suggestions, 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The March 5: Five Lessons About Spring In North Dakota

Hello! Long time no chat!

As April is now upon us, I thought I would take a moment and share five lessons that I have learned about March while living in North Dakota. 

1) March can come in like a lion and leave like a lion- March don't care. Seriously people, we had what was probably the worst blizzard all winter yesterday, and woke up today to almost a foot of freshly fallen snow and the chilly temperatures that we normally associate with January and February. BRRRR!! 

2) Speaking of cold, after a while the number after the (-) sign ceases to matter. Cold is just cold. 

3) The wind is your constant companion- love it or hate it, it will always be there.

4) Clear skies and sun= more layers (sometimes it is just better to look ridiculous and be warm).

5) There is always time for one more cup of hot chocolate or five more minutes of chat before you head out the door. Accept this and you will always leave a friend's home well prepared to brave the cold.

I hope you are staying warm this spring season,