Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy October!!! :D

Hello all of you beautiful, wonderful, fabulous followers of my work!!!

I hope this post finds you all doing absolutely wonderfully! I know my week has been... relaxing so far. First let me apologize for the lack of posting that has occurred of late. I promise that I have not forgotten all of you lovely people, nor have I stopped taking photos. I am, as many of you are aware, a college student, and unfortunately my classes have been absolutely crazy lately.

Hopefully I will be posting more soon. :) Starting with today's post of new photos of the lovely Brianna!! These are not from a recent shoot, but I think they are fabulous anyways! With the fall colors fading away into the dull browns of winter I find myself thinking of summer more and more (and of Christmas oddly enough). I love the feeling of freedom and love that summer always leaves me with, that feeling that everything is going to turn out better than I could ever have hoped.  In honor of this desire for the hot summer sun, I am sharing some these lovely photos :) Enjoy everyone!!! Sorry, no revelatory thoughts today!! Just lovely images :D

Have great weeks everyone!!

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  1. oh so pretty!!! i think i love the colour ones the most, the light is so lovely and sunny! and the model is so sunny!


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